Warehouse Management Case Study

Warehouse Management Case Study - TheModularWay

A small distributor came to us in hope that we could create software to aid him in better managing his warehouse inventory. The traditional purchase process was tied directly to stock levels and even though the distributor included expiration dates into re-stocking calculations he felt that their ordering system was too much dependent on a purchasers gut feeling rather than on known quantifiable data.

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Manufacturing Cost Reduction Case Study

Manufacturing Cost Reduction Case Study - TheModularWay

A very large manufacturer approached us with a simple task of building them a reporting mechanism for component pricing in order to aid them with direct negotiations. As we started to get acquainted with the business process of the manufacturer we discovered that many processes were executed with excel spreadsheets. The decision makers at the company told us that they intuitively knew that the situation had drawbacks, but didn’t have the knowledge to implement better solutions.

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Non-Profit Fund Raising Case Study

Non-Profit Fund Raising Case Study - TheModularWay

One of the most common sustainability challenges of nonprofit organizations is fiscal inefficiency. The cyclic nature of donations driven by annual events cause a high cash infusion during short periods of the year that’s get depleted until the next event. In addition, many non-profit organizations have a clear disconnect between the donor base and the organization when it comes to tracking of fiscal information.

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Complex Search Engine Design Case Study

Complex Search Engine Design Case Study - TheModularWay

A start-up approached us to design a recipe search engine that would generate accurate results for complex nutrition requirements customizable for various food restrictions. The traditional text based search engines produce many incorrect results when faced with ambiguous terms. Likewise, tag based search algorithms are inherently limited when searching for extraordinary compound requirements.

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