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Left side vs. right side

Historically, problems have been solved either in an engineered way or from a purely humanistic approach. One of our favorite anecdotes illuminating this point was given by Rory Sutherland at a TED talk in 2009 where he recalls the Eurostar – A train between London and Paris – trying to improve the 3 ½ hour train ride by spending six billion pounds, building completely new tracks reducing the travel time by about 40 minutes. Rory’s proposed humanistic solution was to hire the top male and female supermodels, pay them to walk the length of the train, handing out free chateau petrus for the duration of the journey and people will ask for the train to be slowed down.

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While we appreciate the many valid points of his talk we strongly believe that for once, the golden mean of engineering solutions with direct feedback from the humanistic side is really the best solution for most business situations. Read our internal debate of “is Rory Sutherland right or wrong?” right here.

The happy union

This is why we decided to form a team containing both - engineers as well as marketers and psychologists. Creation of a friendly and cohesive team is just as important as the successful completion of the project itself. Only driven, motivated and talented teams can make great products. We are proud to inform you that we have formulated and keep evolving the perfect team of talented enthusiasts who are respected and trusted by our clients.

No relationship exists in a single sided vacuum

A main function of TMW is to put emphasis on communication with clients, as well as communication within our development team. TMW believes that in order to develop a truly successful solution it is important for each participant to have sufficient information about the subject matter, also to see the big picture and know where both parties stand, while along the way working closely with each and every client despite how big or small the matter. Therefore, in our work we strive to be extremely knowledgeable, sociable, and diligent.

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