Database Development

Database design as an integral piece of any business

Database development has emerged as one of the most important components of any IT solution that supports and automates business processes. Coming up with a concise and extendable database design is as critical as arriving at the right foundation plan when building a house.

Database Development and Design - TheModularWay
Database Development and Design - TheModularWay

Unfortunately, oftentimes quality requirements are overlooked as an integral part of the development cycle and the database design task is given to a member of the development team even if said member isn’t an expert.

Database development is significantly more successful when approached with a humanistic approach along the common engineered approach.

Simple logic dictates that the best database design can only be achieved when the business case that warranted the database in the first place is clearly understood and analyzed. Like with all of our development efforts, we pride ourselves to personally meet with the business principals prior to any engagement, familiarize and educate ourselves with the specific topic both from the human as well as the scientific perspective.

Since many aspects of a database system depend on its core design, the efficient and flexible database design is of paramount importance to ensure adequate support for existing as well as future business requirements.

Design improvements during all phases of the development cycle

We have stepped in to aid with database development projects in various stages of the product lifecycle. While the obvious best case scenario is to be involved in the design stage of the application there are numerous alternatives in which we have improved a database infrastructure by reengineering a database, updating databases to current technologies, and performance tuning existing databases.

From a business perspective the ROI (return of investment) of a good database design is very clear and includes:

  • Lower cost of database ownership both in hardware costs as well as maintenance costs.
  • Consistent availability of accurate data to support business operations and decision making.
  • Reduction in redundant data storage which has direct cost benefits and make data validation significantly more efficient.
  • Increased productivity at work. correct database design can significantly speed up workflow. Read this case study to see how much time could be saved.
  • Avoidance of inconsistent data strongly tied with the reduction of data storage.

A reputed database design firm will provide solutions that enable productive execution of business processes and higher employee satisfaction. Our database expert can customize your system to enable faster execution of business processes, thereby improving productivity. With TMWs tailored database design solutions we can create the right foundation for the business and ensure scalability to support business growth.

Whether you are in need of a custom turnkey application or just need help with the database design for the efficient and smooth functioning of your business, just give us a call and we will assess your needs and propose our best recommendations.

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