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While we believe that software development and marketing are very similar in both design considerations and implementation the volume of topic-specific information warranted the creation of our separate marketing website.

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What is target marketing?

Over the past few years a trend has been developing and companies start to understand that marketing success is not necessarily tied to the amount of online impressions gained. Target marketing allows to filter out the generic “window shopper” and reach significantly more qualified customers. This has been a long known and adopted practice for online retailers, but most other business segments still rely on traditional success measurements and align their strategies accordingly.

How can you ‘engineer’ target marketing?

We often talk about the importance of analyzing engineering solutions from a human perspective in order to ensure that the solution is indeed the most applicable answer to the problem at hand. Target marketing is a discipline usually associated only with the human perspective. Engineered marketing is taking target marketing one step further and analyses, introduces and potentially calls for design of electronic market platforms. This process takes into account the objectives of the new electronic markets along the legal considerations and the specific business models.

This process is driven by both sides of our team as our marketers define the target market according to well-defined achievement goals and our engineering team defines or creates the suitable marketing platforms. Our Non-Profit Management case study exemplifies this point quite accurately.

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