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This joomla! module allows you to pull in rss content from any source you like. Multiple sources can be pulled at the same time and displayed according to various ordering criteria.

TMW Feed Reader - TheModularWay


Pulling in multiple RSS feeds has never been easier and more configurable. This module allows the inclusion of any RSS source allowing to aggregate the feeds from multiple sources into a stream ordered by title or date. In addition there are word filtering and replacement functions which allow a finely tuned inclusion of only very specific news feeds.


Features and Configuration

Following are the configuration explanation for this module:

  • Feed URL(s) urls of any RSS feed you would like to pull
  • Items per Feed how many items should be read
  • Total Items combined amount of items that should be displayed
  • Order By if the items should be ordered by date or alphabetical (by title)
  • Filter Keywords omit/include feed items that contain these keywords
  • Filter Mode exclude or require the keywords
  • Replace Words allows you to define a list of words that should be replaced
  • Replace Mode defines the granularity of the location (title, text, etc.)
  • Limit Feed By Words or characters
  • Limit Count Words/characters limit
  • Use Tiny URLs toggle to link directly or through a tiny url
  • Links REL setting sets the link type to control SEO link building
  • Links target ensures that you can use internal feeds without opening numerous tabs
  • Show Channel Name toggles between the inclusion of the channel name
  • Max. Legitimate Channel Title takes care of wrongly formatted xml data
  • Show Title toggles between title display
  • Show Description toggles between description display
  • Show Read more toggles between read more display
  • Show Image toggles between image display
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